Mid-Century Modern Stanley Dining Set by Pierre Debs

Overview of the Mid-Century Modern Stanley Furniture Precision Line Dining Set

American-made with a touch of Danish design influence, the Stanley Furniture company’s Precision line dining set was (allegedly) designed by Pierre Debs who also designed mid-century modern furniture for the Bassett Furniture company at some point in his career.

This mid-century modern walnut set is in original, vintage condition—there are some minor blemishes to the table and legs of the chairs. One of the table legs has a repaired threaded post. Normal use will not be affected. As for the design, the chairs are truly remarkable. The architectural-inspired X-structured bases and thin horizontal supports provide an airy, dramatic form. While in profile, you can’t see the angled back legs. When turned 90º, their A-framed alignment provides a compliment to the curved backrest. This is a surprising contrast to the hard-angled design decisions in the rest of the frame. Please get purchase them; the more I admire the design—the less I want to part with them.

Table Dimensions

  • Round, with no leaves — H: 44 inches, W: 44 inches,
  • Expandable with three leaves — Max W: 80″

Chair Dimensions

  • Captain’s chair (x1) —H: 32.5 inches, W: 23.5 inches, D: 18 inches, Seat Height: 18 inches
  • Side chairs (x5) — H: 32.5 inches, W: 21 inches, D: 18 inches, Seat Height: 18 inches



$600 for the set.