About Inglenook Home

About Inglenook Home

Here at Inglenook Home, we strive to provide you with authentic, mid-century modern furniture and housewares to furnish the heart of your home.  We know what it’s like to want great design, that’s why it’s equally important to us to provide quality products at an affordable price. We are passionate about good design and we strive to make it accessible to everyone.

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So what exactly is an inglenook?

According to Wikipedia, in an inglenook (Modern Scots ingleneuk), or chimney corner, is a recess that adjoins a fireplace. The word comes from ingle, meaning “fireplace” in Old English (from Old Scots or Irish aingeal, “angel” or euphemistically “fire”), and nook.

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the inglenook became a common feature of Arts and Crafts-style houses in America. Centrally located in the house, the inglenook was a small recessed room, often with benches or seating, intended for intimate conversation or a cozy family retreat.  Inglenooks were found in houses designed by Greene and Greene, Henry Hobson Richardson, and most famously, Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright felt that the fireplace, or the hearth, was the heart of the home and placed great emphasis on creating warm and inviting inglenooks in his later residential designs.

In the 1950s and 1960s, the inglenook was a residential design feature perpetuated by the iconic and internationally renowned Philadelphia architect, Louis I. Kahn. In several of his mid-century residential designs, such as the Oser House in Elkins Park and the Weiss House in East Norriton, Kahn included his interpretation of the inglenook – recessed, cozy, and with built-in seating like his predecessors, but with simple clean lines that harnessed natural light and created a warm and inviting space. The heart of the home.

Our Team: Vanessa & Chris

Inglenook Home was born from our shared love of thoughtful and beautiful design. Vanessa is an architectural historian who’s love of history, the built environment, and interior design came from childhood vacations to historic sites and a talented mother with an incredible eye for color and composition. Vanessa also learned relatively young that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure through countless outings with her parents and brother (sometimes begrudgingly) on trash day for furniture that needed new life. She’s been hooked on the hunt ever since.

Chris is a graphic designer with a keen eye for design and the ability to make Vanessa swoon when he talks about typography and kerning. He also knows just enough about website design and online marketing to get this Inglenook Home digital effort off the ground. Chris loves hunting for great mid-century modern finds. He is also exploring furniture refinishing and has (too many) projects in the queue that he needs to dust off and get to the finish line. When he met Vanessa, she was the vintage-loving peanut butter to his design-appreciative jam.

How to Purchase

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