It All Started with Trash Day

Møller Chairs in Trash

Seven Møller Chairs in the Trash!

One doesn’t expect “trash day” to be a defining day in their life. On a warm summer morning in 2015, our local trash day turned out to be the catalyst that sparked our Inglenook Home journey. While driving our daughter to summer camp, Chris spotted a heaping pile of modern, yet scrappy looking chairs by the side of the road on his route. It only took one, grainy glared-filled photo for Vanessa to know he found something special. Chris returned to the scene, thrilled to find the chairs still there, and stuffed every last one into his Mini Countryman (yes, they all fit)!

After unloading the chairs in our living room and taking a good look at our bounty, we knew we had found our dream chairs. The haul totaled seven teak dining chairs designed by Neils Otto Møller: two Model 57 armchairs and five Model 77 side chairs. All seven chairs were originally finished with woven paper cord, but were in various states of disarray. Some of the chairs were covered with a DIY slap dashed leather covering. Despite the poor seating situation, all the “bones” of the chairs were in fantastic shape; no structural or cosmetic flaws (which was pretty amazing considering their age and how poorly their seats were maintained). We set out immediately to bring these little beauties back to life!

Our Process to Restoring

With minimal skills and experience, we started with a lot of online research. What became quickly apparent, is that the chairs were in such good condition, that they only really needed a good cleaning and oiling. This is what we did:

  • Removed all the old leather and paper cord.
  • Cleaned the wood and re-oiled with Teak Oil.
  • Found a local(ish) weaver to re-create the original seating.
  • Loaded up the chairs for a trip to Hanover, PA (and crossed our fingers!)

The results? We couldn’t be happier with how the chairs turned out. Their simplicity and elegance are a daily reminder of the power of inspiring, yet functional design. How do I know? Well, we sit our bottoms on them each and every day.

The Catalyst for More

This amazing find (turned restoration project) was the spark that ignited the bonfire that is now Inglenook Home. Since that project, we’ve turned our lingering excitement into a constant energy to find and/or save modern wonders like our Møller chairs and share the love with others!

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