Mid-Century Modern Mayan Shelving Set by Arthur Umanoff

Overview of the Arthur Umanoff Mayan Etagere & Wine Rack

Furniture that is functional, well-made, yet full of personality is a dying breed. That’s why we saved this mid-century modern iron Arthur Umanoff etagere (with smiling sun face!)and wine rack (circa 1969) from the dust bin of history, each unit radiating plenty of all of those endearing, critical qualities. These two pieces were designed by Umanoff for Shaver Howard, for what’s called, the “Mayan” line.

Both shelves are structurally built like tanks; constructed of a heavy black iron frame makes them sturdy enough to hold wine bottles, yet they still look tall and delicate.  The rattan is surprisingly intact and the wood grain and white laminate shelves and unblemished and help to balance out all that dark metal. You can’t help but smile back at that bold sun!

While the pieces are not marked, Shaver Howard’s Mayan line is well documented and just a Google search away.

Shelving Dimensions

  • Etagere — H: 72 inches, W: 31.25 inches, D: 12 inches.
  • Wine Rack — H: 72 inches, W: 16.75 inches, D: 12 inches.


$400 for the Etagere, $200 for the Wine Rack or $550 for the pair

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